Korean actor Ahn Jae-hyun appears stressed

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Actor Ahn Jae-hyun appeared stressed and sweated profusely during an event to promote his latest television drama in his first public appearance following his messy split from Korean actress Goo Hye-sun.

Korean pop culture website Allkpop reported that the 32-year-old apologised for the ‘inconvenience’ caused by his private affairs during the press conference.

While Ahn appears to be struggling in the public eye, soon-to-be ex-wife Goo was more than ready to spill the beans in an interview with South Korean publication Woman Donga.

Revealing she could not forgive Ahn because of the betrayal of trust, and the anger issues that followed — she said her condition left her family worried.
She said she only gained peace of mind only after receiving counselling.

Goo said her relationship with Ahn, which her mother opposed, started going downhill after he was cast in the drama Love with Flaws.

She also lamented work slowed down for her and she was relegated to doing only housework after marriage.

“I didn’t work a lot after getting married. My husband worked more. I regressed while my husband grew, and I felt abandoned.”

Goo also said she was adamant to continue with divorce proceedings.