Melaka seriously maintains cleanliness

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Clean Campaign Melaka

Melaka: Mention the issue of cleanliness, it is no stranger that Melaka among the states recorded has a good level of cleanliness in line with its state which is known as a superior tourist destination.

New visitors to Melaka, will definitely be amazed by the practice practiced in the state in the hygiene sector whether in food premises, focus areas, and others.

The image continues to be strengthened as a result of the efforts of local authorities (PBT) such as the Historic Melaka City Council (MBMB), Hang Tuah Jaya Municipal Council (MPHTJ), Alor Gajah Municipal Council (MPAG) and Jasin Municipal Council (MPJ) which are constantly patrolling.

There are even bodies and companies responsible for maintaining cleanliness in the state such as the Solid Waste Management and Public Cleansing Corporation (SWCorp) and SWM Environment Sdn. Bhd.

All those involved never let go to ensure that there is no rubbish scattered on the side of the road as well as the proper areas.


The garbage problem not only involves the people of Melaka but also tourists and outsiders who come to this state.

In a MelakaKini report last March, Housing, Local Government, Environment and Green Technology Exco, Datuk Tey Kok Kiew said, firm action will be taken if the situation continues.

He said the state government took the problem seriously to ensure that Melaka remained clean.

“We need to warn outsiders that anyone who dumps garbage everywhere will be warned.

“Notice will be given for a period of six months, if it is still not effective, then a summons or compound will be imposed,” he said.

He said it also includes companies that carry out illegal waste disposal.

“For such cases, we will never give a face to the parties involved and they will continue to be subject to stern action,” he said.


However, the work of cutting the grass on the shoulder of the road is still continued according to the set schedule.

Kok Kiew said, although there were problems cleaning and mowing the lawn in early 2019, but it has been overcome.

“The state government is improving all maintenance, including road cleaning work with the agencies involved, especially in the ‘gray area’.

“For example, the local authority (PBT) and SWCorp still carry out grass cutting work in their respective areas twice a month, while the Public Works Department (JKR) once a month,” he said.


To overcome the problem of garbage disposal in the state, the Historic Melaka City Council (MBMB) is looking at the effectiveness of the ‘screening’ project using the planting of bamboo trees in pots.

It has been implemented recently, to combat illegal waste disposal.

The project is done in three locations namely Bukit Rambai, Tanjung Minyak and Padang Temu are expected to be widely used, if it is effective.

Its mayor, Mansor Sudin, said that bamboo trees were chosen as crops that were seen as suitable to obscure the scenery of garbage that was dumped apart from its easy-to-care characteristics.

He said, according to observations three weeks ago, his party also found that the activity of dumping illegal waste was reduced in Padang Temu, but needed more monitoring before deciding it was fully effective.

“This ‘screening’ project is a ‘test and error’ test carried out by MBMB in certain locations that are often complained of illegal dumping.

“Bamboo trees are tested because they are not twigs, easy to care for and cheap and their cultivation in pots allows us to control its growth while preventing it from being damaged during lawn mowing,” he said.

However, regarding the issue of cleanliness in the state, Mansor said, his party will not tolerate any individual who is found to have intentionally or unintentionally defiled Melaka.

“On our part, the final action we want is to find those who are stubborn and call on the community to carry out their respective responsibilities and dispose of garbage in its place,” he said.

Meanwhile, MBMB will also strengthen illegal garbage spying in several new locations.

“There are three new locations that are being monitored because we often receive complaints from the community.

“The location will be informed later so as not to disrupt the operation that will be made, so far a notice has been issued,” he said.

Cleanliness not only depends on the local authority or government agencies involved in implementing it, but the community also needs to play a role as an image to maintain the good name of Melaka.

Melaka SWCorp director, Khairuladha Ab Mutalib said, acting as a regulator of concession companies in the state, his party also educates the community on the case

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