Steamed tapioca a hit during rainy season in Kelantan

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Malay News: The humble tapioca, turned into a tasty steamed dish, is gaining popularity during the rainy season in Kelantan.

“Ubi Tonyoh”, as the name in Kelantan dialect suggests, is eaten by melding the soft flaky flesh with shredded coconut and sugar.

The dish is available at RM3 per serving at Nor Harlizam Mamat’s stall in Kampung Bunut Sarang Burung here.

The 35-year-old housewife and mother of four said the dish was popular during the rainy season because people were finding it hard to go out to do grocery shopping.

“I started selling the dish last year and business was good. So my customers asked me to sell the dish again this year,” she said, adding the stall began operating at the beginning of the month.

She said she bought the tapioca from neighbours who grow the plants around their homes.

“After steaming the tapioca for 30 minutes, I pack them together with shredded coconut and sugar,” she said.

Nor Harlizam said her sister and eldest daughter would usually help her run the stall.

“Usually I can sell about 50kg of the tapioca in a day.

“The dish is long-lasting and is easy to carry around. My customers enjoy it with coffee or tea,” she said.

Sharifah Mahsinah Abdullah
Source: NST