University of London External Program LLB Students in Malaysia Upset Over Surge in Exam Centre Fees

Kuala Lumpur: In a recent development that has sparked frustration and concern among University of London External Program LLB students in Malaysia, there has been a substantial increase of 180% in exam centre fees. This sharp rise in fees comes as an additional financial burden for students already grappling with high tuition fees and assessment costs, exacerbated by currency fluctuations.

The exam centre fees skyrocketed from RM250 before the pandemic to RM450 afterward, despite the fact that exams are still conducted online. Students are required to use their own laptops physically at the exam centre to complete the online assessment.

The sudden surge in exam center fees has left many students reeling, struggling to afford the added expense on top of their existing financial commitments. Understandably, this has prompted widespread discontent among the students, with many expressing their dismay over the situation.

One of the primary concerns voiced by students is the financial strain imposed by these escalated fees. University of London External Program LLB students are already required to pay tuition fees to recognized teaching centre and assessment fees, making the additional burden of increased exam centre fees particularly challenging for many.

In response to the heightened financial pressure, some students have resorted to splitting their exam papers—a measure that allows them to spread the financial burden over a longer period. However, this decision inevitably prolongs their academic journey, resulting in delayed graduation timelines.

Expressing frustration over the situation, a student from Brickfields Asia College, who wished to remain anonymous, highlighted the need for the Ministry of Higher Education to prioritize the welfare of private institution students with the same urgency afforded to their counterparts in public institutions.  Another student from the same institution, who also wished to remain anonymous, emphasized that not all students in private institutions have the means to afford the escalating costs. They urged for transparency regarding the reasons behind the steep rise in exam centre fees, adding the call for equal attention from the Ministry of Higher Education.

The collective hope among University of London External Program LLB students in Malaysia is for the Ministry of Higher Education to intervene and take action to mitigate the financial strain imposed by the increased fees. Students are calling for a reduction in fees for the upcoming exams in October and future assessments, in a bid to alleviate the financial burden faced by the student community.

As the situation unfolds, students await a response from relevant authorities, hopeful for a resolution that will alleviate the financial strain and ensure equitable access to education for all University of London External Program LLB students in Malaysia.

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