YouTube will soon be able to identify objects shown in its videos | Malay Mail

YouTube will automatically detect certain products in the videos it hosts. — Picture courtesy of DenPhotos / Shutterstock

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SAN FRANCISCO, March 25 — New algorithms will allow for the identification of products present in videos broadcast via the YouTube platform. The idea is to be able to generate recommendations for other video sequences integrating these same products, ahead of the deployment of a more commercial use such as the possibility of buying what one has just seen in a video.

Google says it is experimenting with a new feature that displays a list of products detected in certain videos on YouTube. This list will also suggest related products.

Google’s goal is to help people get information about these products, but also to help them discover other videos where the products are present on its video platform. In the long run, YouTube could use this technology to link to shopping sites so that with a few clicks you can buy what you just saw on the screen.

For the moment, this experiment only concerns videos viewed from the United States.

The concept is clearly reminiscent of Google Lens, an application that displays relevant information about identified objects or people thanks to visual analysis based on artificial intelligence. — ETX Studio