Data-driven advertising not just for corporations, but SMEs too

Data-driven advertising not just for corporations, but SMEs too

DATTEL Asia Group (Dattel) and REV Media Group are set to organise OHSEM ADS 2022, an upcoming event on November 3 that will educate small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) on data-driven advertising.

Up to 3,000 business owners and marketers looking to maximise their return on investment (ROI) from ad spending are anticipated to attend the event at Mines 2, Seri Kembangan.

When it comes to digital marketing, most SMEs stop at social media because of budget constraints. However, the event intends to highlight how SMEs can reap the benefits of premium content publishing networks without breaking the bank.

One such network is REV Media Network, which according to Comscore attracts 15.8 million monthly unique visitors, more than Facebook or Google in Malaysia.

SMEs present at OHSEM ADS 2022 will be able to advance their marketing and advertising ability by tapping into this wide network of potential customers.

Furthermore, they will be able to use REV Ad Manager, the first AI-powered self-serve advertising platform for Malaysian publishers, to create consumer personas using consumer behaviour data, including segmentation by 30 Behaviour Archetypes and 12 Value Traits of Consumers.

The platform is capable of generating more than 103,000 consumer personas, which cover 174 product and service categories. 

Besides that, attendees will be able to enjoy the special OHSEM advertising rates that are exclusively available at the event.

As the rates are designed for SMEs, this will allow them to test the efficacy of a premium content publishing network for themselves. Essentially, SMEs will have more affordable options to reach their intended audience with their products and services. 

Since its launch in March 2022, over 100 companies ranging from SME businesses to large brands in retail, fashion and healthcare have taken advantage of REV Ad Manager and its features.

With OHSEM ADS 2022, RMG and Dattel aim to make REV Ad Manager available to all attending SMEs.

Chief executive officer of Dattel Ashran Datuk Ghazi believes that targeting the right audience is vital for any business aspect.

“We want to come in to aid and empower SMEs with data that is actionable and, most importantly, yields results. We have proven ROI results that currently surpass click-through rate benchmarks of social media ads and this is something that we are proud of and want to extend to OHSEM ADS 2022 attendees,” he said. 

As for RMG’s chief executive officer Samuel Wee, he said, “Gone are the days where SME business owners need to traditionally acquire data and create personas to match their audience targeting.

“Our AI-powered recommendation engine will recommend the best media asset that is optimised for your market audience which makes it easier for the brands,” he added.

Register to OHSEM ADS 2022 now and claim access to REV Ad Manager by visiting their website

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