Don’t throw out that broken computer mouse, fix it instead

Don’t throw out that broken computer mouse, fix it instead

PARIS, May 23 — In the same way that it’s possible to order repair kits for smartphones, computers, games consoles or even smart vacuum cleaners, it will soon be possible to replace the parts of a computer mouse yourself.

This will be possible thanks to a collaboration between hardware manufacturer Logitech and the famous online repair platform iFixit.

The aim is obviously to avoid having to buy a new mouse due to the slightest technical problem, and consequently to ensure the durability of the product by prolonging its use and, consequently, reducing the CO2 emissions linked to the consumption of new products.

The objective is also to drastically reduce the amount of electronic waste generated each year in the world.

This partnership starts with support for two families of models, the MX Master and MX Anywhere. It will be possible to place an order that meets specific needs, whether you need to change the screws, the feet or the battery of your mouse.

These parts will be available alone, or in repair kits that contain everything needed to carry out the job, ie, the spare part(s) and the corresponding tools and attachments.

Logitech replacement parts will be available for purchase starting this summer.

The trend for user repairs is now spreading to almost all manufacturers, who are increasingly aware of the need to act in favour of the environment.

Even peripherals that may seem insignificant, such as computer mice, are now becoming part of the process.

Logitech recently announced that it wants to be “climate positive” from 2030, ie, to capture more carbon than it emits. — ETX Studio