The Cooler Lumpur Festival Launches Online Campaign

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Kuala Lumpur Festival

Kuala Lumpur: Southeast Asia’s first and only festival of ideas, The Cooler Lumpur Festival, launched its e-commerce platform together with its first-ever online festive campaign titled Projek Cool Christmas this December.

2020 has been a year of monumental change in every way imaginable. The Covid19 pandemic brought to light the vulnerabilities in all societies, especially poverty and humankind’s basic necessities.

Despite the challenges, we have borne witness to the ability of humankind to show empathy towards each other, especially to those less fortunate in these trying times. As the year comes to an end with the holiday season on the horizon, what we need is a little cheer in what has been a bleak year for many.

This year, The Cooler Lumpur Festival gives reason to celebrate with Projek Cool Christmas. Further than spreading our nation’s love of food and sharing, we also want to encourage the act of doing a good deed, just because.

Celebrate this festive season by spreading cheer to those who need it most. Be part of our #KitaJagaKita initiative.

As part of the campaign, The Cooler Lumpur Festival will be showcasing two popular festival tracks namely the pioneering artisanal food creators market of its kind Belly Good Food Market in partnership with Mardi Artisan Grocer and community build project Bikin For Charity in partnership with Ignition Lab.

“Over the past seven installments, we’ve been fortunate enough to be able to grow our festival offerings and following as well as build incredible partnerships with various brands and companies. In view of the global Covid-19 pandemic, our initial plans of holding an onground festival were cancelled as we made the decision to prioritise the health and wellbeing of all parties involved. Given the mechanics of doing a digital event coupled with feedback from our various partners and creatives that we work with, we decided to take the time to rethink our approach on how exactly The Cooler Lumpur Festival should evolve” Said Hardesh Singh, Executive Creative Director of The Cooler Lumpur Festival

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